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A good year and lots to look forward too!

So 2018 was a productive year - Lots of good results in songwriting/remix competitions - two finalists in the UK songwriting contest and 4th place in an FL Studio exclusive remix contest. (4th is not usually awarded but I guess they thought I deserved some recognition which I was very grateful for!)


My regular collaborator Simon Finn went and won both the UK songwriting contest and Songdoor International songwriting contest which is a fantastic achievement and well deserved. Pleased to be continuing to work with him this year with several tracks currently on the go.


But alas it's not all about competitions and winning stuff - but a good self esteem boost nonetheless. 2019 will see the release of my first solo single under the name SGS (lazy of me I know) and an accompanying lyric video all set to drop (cringe) on 7th Feb. Will talk more about that in Febs blog :)


Talking of "the blog" this is a new addition to the website for 2019 and something that I'm not expecting thousands of people to read but merely a nice way for myself to keep track of things and for those who are interested, a more in depth way than social media to know what I'm up to!


Obligatory cringe worthy on brand sign off







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